W365 / M365 / O365 rocks!

What is Windows 365?

  • Technical and license requirements Deployment process
  • Identity process Network requirements Required service URLs
  • Configure licenses
  • Cloud PC resize (preview)
  • Connect to on-premises Watchdog Service
  • Create the provisioning policy
  • Cloud PC gallery images Custom images
  • Demo: Configure licenses
  • Demo: Connect to on- premses
  • Demo: Provision Cloud PCS
  • End-user experience: Web portal access
  • Demo: End-user experience
  • Azure AD: MyApps integration
  • Endpoint client features
  • Protocol improvements
  • End-to-end security
  • Monitoring and analytics
  • Demo: Helpdesk capabilities Universal Print Demo: Universal Print Roadmap
  • Appendix

How and where we work has changed

  • 73% of workers say they want flexible remote work options
  • 67% of employees want more in-person collaboration
  • 80% of managers expect more flexible work from home policies

Shifting workforce and organizational needs

  • Remote and hybrid work
  • Elastic workforce
  • Organizational expansion and change
  • Bring your own PC (BYOPC)
  • High-scale and specialized workloads
  • Security and compliance

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The right technology for all your needs

Cloud PC – Windows 365 Cloud VDI – Azure Virtual Desktop
Optimized for simplicity Optimized for flexibility
Windows 10 or
Windows 11 (soon) personalized  desktop
Windows 10, Windows 11 (soon),
or Windows Server multi-session desktops
end-to-end Microsoft service
Remote app streaming
One-stop administration in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Enterprise
Full control over configuration and management
self-service model (Business edition)
Citrix and VMware support
per user pricing
Flexible consumption-based

Deployment process

Azure subscription

Configure Azure Active Directory (Hybrid AADJ)

Windows 365 licenses in Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Portal

All associated Azure resources (virtual network optional: custom image) per Windows 365 region

Required credentials   (Azure AD, AD service- account,  Intune Service Admin, Azure  subscription owner, etc.)

Identity requirements

Hybrid Azure AD (HAADJ)

Bringing your users to Azure AD maximizes user productivity and increases security.

Configure Hybrid Azure AD —

join as part of your Azure AD Connect configuration.

Note: Azure AD (AADJ) support is coming soon.

Network requirements

Network requirements and considerations



Virtual Network (vNET) in customer’s Azure subscription is strongly recommended to be in same region as Windows 365.



Azure vNET virtual Network must route to a DNS

server that can resolve Active Directory records

ExpressRoute       Hybrid                    Dedicated network

through service provider

either on-premises or on Azure.

This AD must be in sync with Azure AD to provide hybrid identity in AAD via Azure AD Connect.

Site-to-Site VPN

Hybrid                    Limited bandwidth compared to ExpressRoute

VMs are joined to Active Directory and hosted by Microsoft.

Bandwidth costs




First 5 GB/month



5 GB – 10 TB/month

$0.087 per GB

Next 40 TB

(10-50 TB)/month

$0.083 per GB

Next 100 TB

(50-150 TB)/month

$0.07 per GB

Next 350 TB

(150-500 TB)/month

$0.05 per GB

Customers are charged for outbound network bandwidth utilization of their Cloud PCs via their Azure subscription

1 Inbound data transfers (i.e., data going into Azure data centers) is free.

2  Azure ExpressRoute provides unlimited data bundles for outbound traffic.

Active Directory | Network requirements

The Azure Virtual Network must

route to a DNS server that can resolve

on-premises Active Directory records.

Make sure that your Azure vNET is pointing to your AD DS – DNS server.

Required service URLs

Required service URLs

Windows 365 service URLs and ports

The Azure Virtual Network(s) (VNET) you create for Windows 365 is required to have outbound TCP access to the underlying services we use as part of

the firewall rules in the customer’s Azure subscription.

Find the full list of all the required Azure Virtual Desktop URLs at aka.ms/CPCURLs                                                         

Find the full list of all the required MEM URLs

at aka.ms/MEMURLs

Configure licenses

Product licenses SKUs available

The following per user, per month licenses are available during launch; more will be added later.

VM/OS DISK SIZE                      EXAMPLE  SCENARIOS                                                     RECOMMENDED APPS

  • vCPU/2 GB/64 GB Firstline Workers, Call centers,

Education/Training/CRM access

Office light (web-based), Microsoft Edge, OneDrive, lightweight line-of-business app (e.g., call center application—web-apps), Defender support

  • vCPU/4 GB/256 GB

2 vCPU/4 GB/128 GB

2 vCPU/4 GB/64 GB

2 vCPU/8 GB/256 GB

2 vCPU/8 GB /128 GB

4 vCPU/16 GB/512 GB

4 vCPU /16 GB /256 GB

4 vCPU /16 GB /128 GB

8 vCPU /32 GB /512 GB

8 vCPU /32 GB /256 GB

8 vCPU /32 GB /128 GB

Mergers  and acquisitions, Short-term and seasonal, Customer Services, Bring-Your-Own-PC, Work from home

Bring-Your-Own-PC, Work from home, Market researchers,  Government, Consultants

Finance, Government, Consultants, Healthcare services, Bring-Your-Own-PC, Work from home

Software developers, Engineers,

Content creators, Design and engineering workstations

Microsoft 365 Apps, Microsoft Teams (audio-only),

Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Adobe Reader, Edge, Line-of-business  app(s), Defender  support

Microsoft 365 Apps, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Adobe Reader, Edge, Line-of-business app(s), Defender support

Microsoft 365 Apps, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Power BI, Dynamics 365, OneDrive, Adobe Reader, Edge, Line-of-business app(s), Defender support

Microsoft 365 Apps, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Access, OneDrive, Adobe Reader, Edge, Power BI, Visual Studio Code, Line-of-business  app(s), Defender support

Assign the licenses

Assign Windows 365 licenses in the Microsoft 365 admin center portal.

  • Go to active users
  • Open the user(s)
  • Assign the Windows 365 Cloud PC size license

These steps can also be performed from the Azure Portal or automatically via Azure AD group assignment for bulk scenarios.


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